WEPOX 4000

Treatment of Anemia

– Due to Erythropoietin deficiency, adults on pre-dialysis, hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, and pediatric patients on hemodialysis

– Cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy for non-myeloid malignancies.

To aid in autologous blood collection

– Patients to go through elective surgery with hematocrits of 33–39% who are unable to produce enough blood without exogenous erythropoietin

– In adult patients to go through elective surgery with mild to moderate anemia, in which moderate blood loss is expected.”.

MOLECULE: Epoetin Alfa
THERAPEUTIC CLASS: Hematopoetic Growth Factor

Each 1mL pre-filled syringe contains:
Recombinant Human Erythropoietin…4,000 IU
with HSA as stabilizer


Patients with Chronic renal failure: the starting dose is 50-100 IU/kg IV/SC 3 times/wk. For maintenance: Decrease dose by 25 IU/kg/dose once the required hemoglobin concentration is achieved.

Adult patient with pre-dialysis: 50 IU/kg IV/SC 3 times/wk. Maintenance: 17-33 IU/kg 3 times/wk.

Patient with Acute hemodialysis: 50 IU/kg IV/SC 3 times/wk. Maintenance: 30 & 100 IU/kg 3 times/wk.

Adult patient with peritoneal dialysis: 50 IU/kg SC 2 times/wk. Maintenance: 25 & 50 IU/kg 2 times/wk.

Patient with Pediatric hemodialysis: 50 IU/kg IV 3 times/wk. Maintenance: >30 kg 30-100 IU/kg 3 times/wk, 10-30 kg 60-150 IU/kg 3 times/wk, <10 kg 75-150 IU/kg 3 times/wk.

Cancer patient: 150 IU/kg SC 3 times/wk.

HIV-infected patient on zidovudine treatment: 100 IU/kg IV/SC 3 times/wk for 8 wk.

Adult surgery patient in an autologous pre-donation program 600 IU/kg IV 2 times/wk for 3 wk prior to surgery.

Perisurgery patient w/o autologous blood donation: 600 IU/kg daily for 10 days before surgery & repeat on the day of surgery, then continue for 4 days after surgery.”


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