Contents For A Health Kit For Children

Create a convenient health kit for your child to ensure they are always ready.

As parents, we all strive to provide a secure environment for our children, but accidents and illnesses can still occur despite our vigilant supervision. Even with constant monitoring, children are prone to getting cuts, bruises, and falls. Moreover, they may also suffer from ailments like colds, fever, or flu. Thus, it is equally essential to be prepared to deal with any unforeseen situation as it is to create a healthy and safe setting.

Having a well-stocked health kit for your child readily available at all times is crucial. It can help you handle most emergencies promptly, as you already have the necessary supplies on hand. You can buy a basic first aid kit from a drug store, or you can create one yourself. A lightweight plastic tackle box or container with ample space is a good option.

The following items should be included in your child’s health kit:

Guidebook for first aid 
Sterile gauze pads of various sizes 
Adhesive tape 
Bandages in assorted sizes 
Stretchable bandage 
A support for immobilization 
Antimicrobial wipes 
Antibacterial cream 
Antiseptic solution 
Sharp scissors 
Safety pins 
Temperature gauge 
List of emergency contacts
Bioflu for Children 
Pambatang Solmux


  • Keep your child’s health kit in locations that are beyond their reach but still within your easy access. 
  • Regularly inspect your kit and substitute any used items or expired medicines. 

Remember to bring your child’s health kit with you when traveling.